Tango Soul

was founded in Toronto in 2000 by internationally renowned dancers of traditional Argentine Tango Bryant Lopez and Faye Lavin. Their vision is to mount authentic Argentine Tango stage productions incorporating theatre, music and dance and to teach Argentine Tango by the same authentic methods used in Buenos Aires.

Bryant & Faye
Al compas.
We put the music first.

Bryant and Faye are internationally renowned traditional argentine tango dancers whose styles derive from the milongas of Buenos Aires. While maintaining the authenticity of traditional tango of the golden age they bring their own interpretation of the current times through feeling and connection which is the most important aspect of their dancing. They continue to develop themselves through the embrace, the expression of the music, the elegance of their walk and a sense of carrying the tradition, the essence of the culture of traditional argentine tango.  Film and performance credits include Cirque du soleil, Take the Lead with Antonio Banderas, Tuxedo with Jackie Chan, Luminato Festival and many more. They are the organizers and hosts for El Congreso, Canada's International Argentine Tango Congress, as well as the directors of the Tango Soul Argentine Tango Academy in Toronto, Canada. Bryant and Faye travel internationally on a regular basis teaching and performing at Argentine Tango and arts festivals in North America, South America and Asia.

They are finalists of the 2011

Mundial de Tango de Buenos Aires.