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Bryant presents his first 8 sessions of video series


This series of progressive episodes focus on the fundamental elements of Argentine Tango and will give you the opportunity to develop and challenge yourself, all the while gaining consistency in the work. The video training gives you the freedom to schedule your practice at a time that fits your schedule or from whatever location you choose.


Here is the course description:

1. Connection with the floor

2. The walk

3. The side step

4. Forward step salida

5. Al Compas

6. Leading 8 backwards

7. Giros

8. Enrosques

This is the perfect way to learn the fundamental elements of traditional Argentine Tango and get kick started with the right technique. 

Price: $280+HST  

Please Note: Taxes & Shipping is included for North America. Please email your shipping information after purchase. No refunds are accepted.

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