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There are four main pillars in Argentine Tango:
the walk, the embrace, the  musicality and the figures.  
At Tango Soul there are no levels. Only intuitive learning. This is the most effective way to learn to dance. Find out more about our teaching technique in our "about our teaching section" and viewing our "Soul Teaching" short documentary.
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In light of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, TangoSoul had suspended all scheduled classes, events and performances. 
We are pleased to be able to help you continue to learn through virtual live classes and online videos.  See Online Tango Classes  and Videos Series for more information.
Bryant Faye Tango Magog Session Printemp
Our private lessons are exceptional for fast growth and are one on one. With a duration of 60 minutes per class, private classes are a perfect fit for those of you that need private coaching or just want to accelerate your learning process. All levels are welcome. Please contact us by email to set an appointment.
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