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Tango Soul was founded in 2000 by Bryant Lopez & Faye Lavin. Based in Toronto, Canada,

the company was formed with the vision of producing authentic Argentine Tango theatrical, musical

and dance stage work. Tango Soul produces its own original work regularly and customizes shows

for profesionnal theatres, corporate events and private functions. Though they specialize in Argentine Tango, their productions often blend with other dance gendres such as latin, ballroom, salsa and flamenco.

They also offer tango instructions for all ages through their Academy in both Toronto and Montreal.


Tango Soul Academy

Our teachings techniques are the same as those taught in Buenos Aires; the walk, the connexion and the embrace are the foundation to our teaching...

...We encourage our students to find their own "style" which should come naturally and is not made up or copied from any instructor. Musicality and gentleness go hand in hand in keeping the harmony in the couple. Figures flow out of improvisation and the woman uses embellishments in the cadencias. Though we use figures during the classes the focus will always remain on the foundation, the connexion.We focus on creating a friendly environment so that  our students feel stress free and are able to relax in the dance in order to grow better... Read More>

Tango Soul ُShow

Directly from Buenos Aires!
Tango Soul offers customized show productions for corporate functions, festivals, private events and weddings.
Originally from Buenos Aires Argentina Bryant Roberto Lopez is  a choreographer, dancer and performer. He specializes in Argentine Tango and has over 20 years of experience.
Feel free to contact us for more details or for a quote.



Tango Soul Video's

Please subscribe to our  Youtube chanel for the recent video's and lessons or check out our Video pages to watch our recent shows and performances.

Tango Soul Events

Please check our Event page or Facebook page to see the list of recent workshops and Milongas or simply check our facebook box below.

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